Franklin, Tennessee


The changing light that touches our world as it rises in the morning and sets at the end of day is forever transforming how we visually and emotionally experience the natural world. The light is my paintbrush and the images I create with my camera are my words, my poetry, my music. 

To capture the bond between the horse and rider, the horse's unequaled elegance, the relationships between horses themselves and then turn these images into timeless compositions of fine art is my passion. 

equine portrait of girl and her appaloosa horse . Equestrain portrait.

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Kisa Kavass is a traveling equestrian and wild horse photographer currently located in Franklin, Tennessee. She offers a wide variety of photography services to fit the needs of clients desiring creative horse and rider sessions and equine portraits to individuals collecting fine art horse prints and mixed media art and enthusiasts of the wild horses still roaming certain locations of the United States. 

Equine Portfolio


Fine Art 

Palomino wild horse photograph