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Franklin, Tennessee


Believe in the magic

Lusitano Horse

In one honeyed moment of awakening,

drops of sweetness linger on the lips,

and eyes remain open,

to the truths that never hide.

It is in the loudest places,

that one may feel the most alone.

but in the stillness of a misty morning,

standing by oneself,

a single cricket sings,

and transports us to a world so engaging,

overflowing with a brilliance,

with promises of so much awaiting us. 

It is in those hushed minutes of silent reverie,

we find it impossible to feel abandoned,

for we are enough on our own.  

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Kisa Kavass is a traveling equestrian and wild horse photographer currently located in Franklin, Tennessee. She offers a wide variety of photography services to fit the needs of clients desiring creative horse and rider sessions and equine portraits to individuals collecting fine art horse prints and mixed media art and enthusiasts of the wild horses still roaming certain locations of the United States. 

Palomino wild horse photograph
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